Mulching Services

See What Mulch Can Do for Your Yard

See What Mulch Can Do for Your Yard

Improve your garden in Springfield, VA with mulching services

Mulching involves spreading wood chips over bare soil in your garden bed. Kaeler Lawn & Landscaping inc. adds mulch to your flower beds, around your mailbox and around your trees. We can work on homes as well as municipal locations like parks.

Mulching helps to:

Retain moisture in soil | Suppress weed growth | Keep soil cool | Enhance the look of your garden

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Breathe new life into your lawn with our mulching services

You don't want to stand out in the hot sun all day spreading mulch. Fortunately, you can hire us for mulching services, then sit back and let us take care of the work. Your garden beds will look gorgeous by the time we're done with them.

You can request various different kind of mulch like chipped bark, grass clippings or compost. Dry mulch usually lasts longer but gives your soil fewer nutrients, while mulch with a higher organic content decays quickly but saturates the soil with nutrients in the process.

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