Weed Control

Stop Weeding and Start Relaxing

Take back your weekends with weed control services in Springfield, VA

Did you spend your weekend pulling weeds out of your lawn? It might be satisfying to see a weed-free lawn, but it's also difficult and tedious. You can leave weed control to Kaeler Lawn & Landscaping inc. and take your free time back.

Our company provides expert weed control services in the Springfield, VA area. After beautifying lawns in our community for more than five years, we have the skills needed to get rid of all kinds of weeds and keep them from returning with weed elimination techniques. Contact a lawn care expert today to find out more about weed control.

Can we really remove all kinds of weeds?

Can we really remove all kinds of weeds?

With our experience level, you can count on us for weed elimination. We can handle unusual invasive weeds, as well as the weeds most common in our part of Virginia.

Those common weeds include:

  • Dandelion
  • Crabgrass
  • Bittercress
  • Buttonweed
  • Spotted spurge
You might already be unhappily familiar with these weeds. Fortunately, you can allow us to handle them from now on. Call 703-599-5333 now to schedule weed removal services in the Springfield, VA area.